Bryant Park Wine-Spilling Savage Mob Responds to Glenn Beck’s Cry for Decency

Glenn Beck is ranting about liberals again. This time he says he was the victim of mob mentality at Bryant Park movie night — which is always a mob scene, but Beck must not get out much. And for good reason as he sees it. This mob poured wine all over his wife’s back according Beck’s account relayed in the HuffPo (which normally does a plenty profitable job at taking content from other sources and reposting them. So what’s to object to?

Well it’s all a lie, or exaggeration anyway, according to the “arrogant 25 year-olds” and “most hateful people I’ve seen” that were all around Beck and admit to spilling wine, but not like the HuffPo has it.

Now, I know these ladies and I believe it was an accident, but they aren’t exactly immobilized with regret over it, and aside from a little fear of rapid-fan reprisal, they’re enjoying their bit part in Beck’s balloon of drama. 

Here’s what they tell me about the event. 

Regarding last night, HuffPo wrote an article here.

In it he claims that wine was “intentionally spilled all over his wife Tanya”.  I’d like to state for the record that never happened.  I was on the blanket directly behind Mr. Beck, and while we did find it amusing that wine was spilled on Tanya & co, I can tell you that it was 100% accidental.  My friend was drinking her wine and it tipped over, as wine glasses are wont to do.  We immediately helped Tanya & co clean up the “mess” and offered them our napkins, and apologies were made.  There was no hostility or animosity in the exchange, and I find it hard to believe that a half-filled glass of wine would be capable of “soaking” anyone, even waif-thin Tanya.  Moreover, why would we waste the wine?

As for being arrogant 25 year olds, sure, Mr. Beck, you’re 100% capable of discerning arrogant behavior. You, the one who decided to make COMPLETELY false claims about people that don’t have a radio show to eviscerate you on the next day.  You, the one who had your body guard yell at me and my friends several times because we were doing hand stands and acrobatics before the movie started (like we have for six or so years), and being generally ::gasp:: joyful.  You, who decided to show up in my city, apparently expecting to have a good time amidst a crowd of people that you’ve been publicly decrying for the majority of your life. You’re just a model fucking citizen. 

Let me know if you have any more questions about this.  We’ll all be happy to share.  


The friend and wine spiller did tweet at Beck today in response at @saromo but Beck was apparently only willing to talk about her, not to her. Though, in his defense, her tweets are protected, to stave off hate she says. And what’s the point in getting in a tweet war over spilled wine. 

To HuffPo, be careful what you cut and paste, it’s not always true. This story obviously has two sides, two sides that are each completely unharmed by their night at the movies.