So pretty women are sexy and all, but dumb women, not so much.

The Miss USA delegates didn’t come off looking so hot after this jaw droppingly ignorant montage of answers to the question should evolution be taught in school.

Several of the ladies had decent responses (Miss D.C., Florida, New Mexico, Tennessee, thank you!) but generally, it was clear that most of them had never thought about the topic, were too worried about upseting anyone to think about it and say anything half way concrete, or just plain had no idea what evolution actually is. (Miss Idaho and Miss Nevada, WTF?)

Jump ahead to 13:00 in the original video for the saving grace, Miss Vermont. It’s sad that she stands out so much. Man am I rooting for her. Anyway … 

Lest that video stain the image of women everywhere, MacKenzie Fegan, formerly of GOOD, made the parody video posted here. It asks, should we teach math in schools. 

Best part of all this? That many of the actual contestants have been retweeting Fegan’s video!